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Current Choristers

CMCDA Membership List

1st Tenors

Edgar Stevenson - Section Leader

Christo Steenkamp

Christopher Bolle

Colin Glover

John Ralph

Les Vaughan

Mark Jansen van Rensburg

Paul Luke

Robin Hill

Stewart Phillips

Wayne Bruün

2nd Tenors

Simon van der Meulen – Section Leader

Basil Worrall

Brian Rooney

Don Cumming

Evan Rodway

Geoff Bonney

Jack Scholtz

Jonathan Vieler

Leon Faurie

Malefetsane Mofokeng

The Choir Mascot.

During the Choirs of Wales in 1992, the choir stayed at The Wyndham Hotel, in Bridgend, Wales. The owner Wyndhamand his staff presented the Choir with a Fluffy Dragon, which became the Choir mascot and was aptly named Wyndham. Wyndham has his own passport (an out of date old type) and always travels with the Choir when we go out of South Africa. Passport Control always find it amusing when we ask them to stamp his passport. One member of the Choir is delegated to look after Wyndham, keep him clean and to make sure that he attends every concert. How he later acquired a baby son is a mystery.

1st Bass

Maurice Healy - Section Leader

Adrian Waters

Bill Yeaman

Dave Rawlinson

John Benfield

Marco Allais

Neville Thomas

Peter Withinshaw

Rod Solomon

Talfryn Davies

2nd Bass

Ed Brunette – Section Leader

Albert Van Lier

Braam Zietsman

Grant Stirling

Mike Richardson

Niels Frylinck

Norman Brown

Peter Whiting

Terry Hart

Willem de Bruine

Wolf Erdmann

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