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Current Choristers

CMCDA Membership List

1st Tenors

Edgar Stevenson - Section Leader

Christo Steenkamp

Christopher Bolle

Colin Glover

John Ralph

Les Vaughan

Mark Jansen van Rensburg

Paul Luke

Stewart Phillips

Wayne Bruün

2nd Tenors

Leon Faurie – Section Leader

Brian Rooney

Don Cumming

Evan Rodway

Jack Scholtz

Jonathan Vieler

Malefetsane Mofokeng

1st Bass

Rod Solomon - Section Leader

Adrian Waters

Bill Yeaman

Dave Rawlinson

John Benfield

Marco Allais

Maurice Healy

Neville Thomas

Peter Withinshaw

Talfryn Davies

2nd Bass

Ed Brunette – Section Leader

Albert Van Lier

Basil Worrall

Grant Stirling

Niels Frylinck

Norman Brown

Terry Hart

Willem de Bruine

Wolf Erdmann

The Choir Mascots

The choir now has been presented with TWO mascots.

The original dragon was presented to the choir back in 1992 during the Choir’s tour to Wales where the choir stayed at The Wyndham Hotel, in Bridgend. The owner Wyndham and his staff presented the Choir with the fluffy dragon, which became the Choir’s mascot and was aptly named Wyndham. However he unfortunately disappeared directly after one of our concerts during 2016. One of our choir members, Bill Yeaman, then approached an African bead artist and requested him to kindly make a new dragon for us. The artist made a new Wyndham for us with the most beautiful traditional African beadwork, which we have now officially named “Wyndham Bead” or commonly known as Wyndham-B.

Then, during the launch of our 2017 10 day Christmas programme with the South African Lipizzaners, Dr Karen Bohme, the Lipizzaner’s senior rider, presented us with a stunningly beautiful choir mascot dragon handmade by herself, and even holding the traditional St. David’s Flag. One of the conditions was that we had to come up with a name for him which was to be announced on the final show being the 23rd December 2017. So the new name for our mascot received an outright vote was “Gandor” which is an acronym for Dragon and also means “The Talented One”. We welcome Wyndham-B and Gandor into our Choir, both with Life Membership status of course, and both will definitely be well guarded during all our performances and tours. Passports for our Mascots will once again be applied for and in their possession before the next tour.

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